Welcome to M-Ploy Temporaries, Inc.

M-Ploy Temporaries, Inc. is a woman-owned business staffing agency located in Meadville, Pennsylvania specializing in researching and placing “the right person for the right job” within local and regional businesses.

Our experienced team of professionals functions in partnership with our clients to meet each expectation. Our focus is understanding each customer’s expectation and building a trusting relationship. In the staffing industry, either direct placement or temporary staffing, maintaining a valued client for more than ten years is rare. Through the unique services provided by M-Ploy Temporaries, Inc., we have successfully managed on-going business relationships with many clients since our inception of business in 1993.

  • Our professional specialists interview, test, and reference check all professional candidates. Including, but not limited to, sales executives, marketing directors, writers, programmers, and office managers, etc.

  • Our technical specialists interview, test, and reference check all technical candidates including – engineers, designers, drafters, and technicians, etc.

  • Our labor coordinators interview, test, and reference check all labor candidates including – assemblers, packers, housekeepers, demonstrators, injection mold operators, and inspectors, skilled machinists, etc.

  • Our clerical specialists interview, test, and reference check all clerical candidates, including – file clerks, receptionists, medical and legal secretaries, administrative assistants, and bookkeepers, etc.

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